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Search Engine Optimization - Process

1. Keyword Analysis
Keywords are the key tool to search your content. Keywords are important and they are analyzed depending on the field of the site. Proper search and the analysis of keywords related to your web site yields the highest Return on Investment (ROI). Keyword analysis is an important process in SEO. Many keywords, which are most valuable for the site, are analyzed. 

2. Top Keywords Suggestion
The site is well analyzed and few top keywords to the site will be identified. The expected keywords, which people have in their mind and type in search engines while looking for Corporate like yours. Therefore this top keyword list helps you to create additional key words and key phrases to your site when you building the site’s content.

3. Basic Home Page Optimization
Any one of the web pages of your site is considered and optimized according to the search engine standards. The complexity of the page is well minimized with respect to the search engine. The page is well studied and keywords and phrases are analyzed and chosen. The page is optimized with those key phrases. Keywords are positioned in strategically within your page. 

4. Body Text Optimization
The content inside the site is very important, because they reveal the core subject of the site. Body text will be optimized such that the home page of your site will be the main landing page for your visitors. Each one of the pages are optimized with respect all the SEO aspects. We build good quality content. Without spamming or keyword stuffing we build content, which includes keywords or phrases, heading levels, font family, size, style and etc.

5. Page Title Optimization
The page title is the heading that appears in the blue bar across the top of the browser and does not appear within the web page. Page Title is very important since it serves to be the main keyword both for the visitors and the Search Engine. We optimize the page title by including short and relevant key phrases. The page title is optimized in such a way that it attracts the visitors and the search engines. Therefore a well-written page title will stand out differently from your competitor’s title on the results page.

6. Robot.txt Addition
Robot.txt is a file written and stored in the root directory of a website that restricts the search engine spiders from indexing certain pages of your website. This file does not allow certain spiders from viewing your private files. You can also prevent certain spider to look at any of the web pages through this file.

7. Basic Search Engine Submission
Search engine submission refers to the act of submitting your web site to major search engines and directories and getting listed in those. Getting listed does not mean that you will rank well in the listing. It simply means that the search engine knows that your pages exist. Having top search engine listings is important for any company. A good search engine ranking results in many visitors and sales! If you don't promote your site in the best way, nobody will see your site. So submitting your site to major Search Engines is very important to promote your site.

8. Online Competitor Analysis 
  • Doing an online competitor analysis get you know: 
  • Who are your online competitors?
  • How effective are they with their websites?
  • How to use this information to design your new site or improve your existing site?

From this analysis, you can learn the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as any gap in the market that they you can use to your advantage. It will also help you understand and groom yourself to the needs to compete effectively. Our competitor analysis will report the key aspects of your competitors’ online strategy and tell you how well they perform and achieve their goals.

9. Image Optimization
Images are important to a site as they visually attract the readers. Images in your page are well read and will be optimized with respect to the search engines. The title for the image is framed such that they also serve to be the keyword. Providing proper Alt Tags to the images enhances the SEO technique of the page.  The image is optimized effectively for:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Storage
  • Effects

10. Informational Page Optimization
One page of your site will be clearly optimized thoroughly with SEO technique in mind. Without spamming the page, the page will be optimized and is filled with relevant content of the site.

11. Media File Optimization
Like the text files all the multimedia files are also important in the website. They also help all lot for the Search Engines while searching for keywords. Search engines cannot read the media files, therefore it is important for us to write a proper description for the file.  It is very important that all the media files are to be checked properly. All the Alt tags for the media files are optimized with proper keywords. Proper description will be provided for all the media files to enhance the search by the search engines.

12. Link Building
After the site is well optimized your site is linked with other sites, which are relevant to your field. Proper link building strategy increases link popularity to your site. Your site will be linked with relevant sites, which have higher ranking. This, in turn help in the increase in your sites traffic. Sharing of links between sites helps in the increase of site’s PR value.

13. Competitor Monitoring
We can produce regular analyzed reports giving you the detailed activities of your competitors. We can support your business objectives and IP strategy by employing the appropriate monitoring services. Competitor monitoring helps you to improve you business by improving your marketing strategies, promoting your products and improve your ROI.

14. Site Map Building
A site map is a page in which all the links of the website are placed. This allows the user to freely choose the links of their choice. Site map page serves to be an easy navigation tool for the visitors. An important point to remember is that people come to your site looking for information. A good website design should contain a proper and clear site map. Thus placing all the links on your site allows visitors and search engines to navigate easily and gets into all the pages of your site easily!

15. Statistics Report
Web site statistics provides you information that let you know the data about the traffic coming to your website. A clear statistics from visible counters to the invisible logs is given. These numbers are vital in shaping advertising campaigns and site design for a website.

Web site statistics include the following pieces of information:-
Hits: Hits are the number of times files and pages were retrieved from the server. 
Files: This represents how many non-html files were requested from the server. 
Page Views: Page views are how often a page on your server was viewed. 
Visits: This number represents how many unique IP’s visited the site. 
URLs: The URL tracking gives you an idea what specific files are the most popular on your site. 
Referrer: The referrer is the website that linked to a page on your site.
Search Strings: This track the search text a visitor entered into a search engine to get into on your site.
Agent: The user agent is the browser that the visitor uses to visit your site. 

16. PPC Budget
Within the budget specified we analyze and advice you with keywords and phrases that satisfies your targeted audience. We utilize budget provided to increase traffic to your web site through PPC services. Keen concentration is focused for your text link. Keeping your PPC advertising campaign within your prescribed budget, you are offered the maximum possible PPC coverage as per your specified monthly or quarterly budget for PPC advertising contract. 

17. W3C HTML Validation
According to HTML standards, each HTML document requires a document type declaration. If standard HTML does not fully meet your requirements and still if you wish to gain the benefits of HTML validation, we do manual HTML validation. All the HTML tags are validated manually with the purpose your site in the mind.

18. PPC Ad words
With key Ad words, you can win the smartest ad campaign. But many advertisers don't know how to take advantage of this to get high ad positions. We teach you how to take up the Google Ad Words game effectively for cheap clicks and to improve the traffic to your site. Better advice is given over the Banners and Ad words to improve and increase your site’s traffic and ROI.

19. Dynamic Content Optimization
Web pages some times change its content depending on database information or user settings. A scripting language such as PHP or ASP is usually used to bring about such a result. Search engines are now advanced enough to index such pages. Optimizing your dynamic content increase link popularity and allow user interactivity on your website. This implies increased traffic, which means increased sales. Your web site can deliver market-targeted content and product based information to your customers, which increases your product sales.

20. Instant Customer Service
Customer service is the important part of any business. Techniques for managing a customer-focused environment include revisiting strategy, processes, and proper backup, solving the quires, as well as finding out what the customers actually want in the way of customer service. All the customer problems are given instant solution. Quality service is provided to help the clients in solving their problems, in this competitive business arena.
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